Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am Famous!!!

One of the great timewasters, www.overheardintheoffice.com, published one of my submissions the other day. Alsome!

12PM They Don't Look Too Good, Either
60-ish suit in Cubs jacket on cell: I'm on the bus right now. I'm going to the Cubs game. Well, I just left Dad, and I gotta say, it doesn't look too good. They're feeding him through a stomach tube and they've got him on a drip. You know, he had that quadruple bypass a couple of years ago and he's got diabetes now... He's been unconscious most of the time when I visit him, and... Yeah, well, don't wish me good luck. The Cubbies are the ones who need it!

Clarke Street bus
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: priorities schmiorities

In other news, it occured to me today that having an iPod cord dangling from your coat pocket serves roughly the same purpose as a watch chain. Ostensibly to let you listen to your music, but really just to let everyone know what you're rich enough to afford an iPod. I just wish there was some kind of way I could hang some seals on Napoleon, that would be the sweetness.


Just what I need: a twelve inch tall poseable figure of George Washington complete with removeable telescope, cape, sword and tricorn. *small drool*


Laura said...

wow. That is a nice looking George washington doll! I didn't read the text, of course, just looked at the pictures and laughed because the one where he's holding his scope-y thing (what is that thing called, I know it's not a telescope) he looks like he's stabbing himself in the eye with it.

Samantha said...

Oh if only that was Admiral Lord Nelson! Be careful with the small part...we do remember what happened to one of the Fellowship...

And you already were famous to me.