Sunday, July 29, 2007

something old, something new....

When I went home for the wedding last week, I brought back a stack of Queen CDs, intending to put them on my iPod--imagine my distress then when I opened the (empty) cases, and remembered years ago that I had put all the Cds into my "Star Wars" CD sleeve for easy carrying. Durr. The only CD that actually made it down was Freddie Mercury's "Mr. Bad Guy" which is apparently dedicated to my roommate. ("This album is dedicated to cat lovers everywhere. SCREW EVERYONE ELSE." Aw, Freddie.) The only reason I wanted this CD is for the last song that is for breakup artists everywhere:

"So tonight just love me like there's no tomorrow
Hold me in your arms/tell me you mean it.
This is our last good-bye,
And very soon it will be over.
So today just love me like there's no tomorrow."


I also brought my bike down (thanks, Dad!) and yesterday I biked up to Evanston which is probably about ten ass-numbing miles north of here. I love Evanston. It's so pretty with the old houses and the private beaches. I'm still nervous about left-turns in the city, but I'm getting the hang of it--now if I can just increase my speed enough to keep up with the fancy racers that keep passing me, I'll be happy.

And then, after I got back yesterday, my roommate and I went shopping at the Brown Elephant, which is the bst thriftstore ever. It's this huge old dancehall full of clothes and furniture and home furnishings--when hipsters clean house, this is where they send stuff, which is why I own clothes from Old Navy and mugs from Crate & Barrel. I was looking for something I could keep my (rapidly dwindling) supply of 1886 tea in, and I ended up buying a cruet in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and a desk. Whoo! I was so excited when I saw this desk--it is exactly the style I want my future home to be decorated in. Of course, it matches absolutely NOTHING else in my life right now (did they even have Aerobeds in the Late Empire period?) but it's wide enough I can put my books along the back and get them off the ground, and finally my statue of "the David" doesn't look ridiculous because he's standing demurely on a piece of real furniture. Whoo. Now all that remains is to sit down and WRITE SOMETHING.

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Laura said...

If you're biking in Chicago I hope you're wearing helmet. I was pricing bikes today and I think I'm going to get one but Peace Corps insists there's no riding a bike without a helmet or your fired and sent home. And I'm not even in a big scary dangerous city. Here I might get run over by a horse and cart, or fall into traffic dodging a stray chicken! Please get a helmet.