Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Big Event (no, it's not Harry Potter Eve Day)

The foolish Chicago Tribune said that while the buildup to the movie has been huge, there hasn't been much of an uproar over new book.

Oh, foolish, foolish Chicago Tribune. It is obvious whoever wrote this that they have not been slavishly checking Mugglenet every five minutes, or whispering conspiratorially with their fellow Hufflepuffs. I haven't read a thing all week, because I don't want to hear ANYTHING that might constitute a spoiler (like the item you mentioned so carelessly, CHICAGO TRIBUNE!!!). I can't think about it, I don't want it to be the end--I'm afraid I might burst into flames with anticipation. One of the people I work with is married to a librarian, and he casually mentioned today that his wife's library has received their copies, so she's actually held one in her hands and (I quote) "petted it a little." I don't think he was expecting me to hit the ceiling out of excitement. Nor did he think I was serious when I asked him if she could possibly scan the first page and email it to me. Just the first page. The first sentence. Just the picture on the first page. Just the dedication. That's when he started edging away slowly, without making eye contact.

That's actually not what I'm writing about today. I'm also leaving at 4:30 so I can catch a train and head up north because the major event of the weekend is my brother's wedding. I can't actually believe that they're getting married, not yet, but I'm sure it will start to sink in once we get up north. I'm so happy for Peter and Brenda, and I'm sure they're doing the right thing. After all, they bought the puppy. Oh, and they love one another. :) The ceremony is going to take place on the lakeshore of beautiful Lake Michigan, and I have a new dress for the occasion. I'll be back on Sunday, with pictures.

Have a good weekend.

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Laura said...

OHMIGOD! I'm hyperventilating! I logged on this morning and saw that the counter was down to ONE DAY - and I thought of you!!!

Awwwww! Have fun at your brother's wedding! You'll have to call me after and tell me what it was like. I'm sad I can't be there to be your date, and a little disapointed that I had to drop out of the OMGOBAGM-AISW!Club.