Thursday, July 12, 2007

One slightly cool thing...

I enjoy riding the L when you can sit in the first car, because then you can look through the window and pretend you're driving the train. That's pretty cool. So. On the list of good things about Chicago, we have about, oh, five. Not a bad start, Chicago, but you're going to have to do better if you want to catch up to London, which has about five THOUSAND. hahaha. Speaking of the best city in the world, I have decided to go to London for Christmas. The firm where I'm working has the week off between Christmas and New Year's, so I am going to flee the country...temporarily. Unless plane tickets go sky-high (it's a joke, haha), I'll be flying out December 21st. Happy Birthday, me. I should be more concerned about my carbon footprint, but just thinking about being back in Trafalgar Square makes me happy. Am already planning on stocking up on tea, squash and Gola shoes. woo.

I handed in two proposals today, so my shoulders spent most of the day up around my ears. This working for a living is stressful--luckily I get to leave at five. Did laundry tonight so I will have my whole weekend free to Harry Potter it up with friends. I love friends. It's so nice to have people who need people. We're very lucky.

**update** This just in: Apparently the House of Representatives has passed a bill that says the troops should come home from Iraq. You go, House of Representatives. I'm so happy to hear you FINALLY GOT YOUR ACT TOGETHER...geez, took you long enough. Stop playing politics and dO THIS THING!!!

PS: Damn, Samn, I posted like three seconds ago...why don't you come to London with me?


Samantha said...

Oh sadness!!!

You're really fleeing the country the same week I'd be able to came back to the lower 48?

Laura said...

You're planning a trip back to London already instead of coming to visit ME??

Peter said...

I just got done reading all your blogs on this page, what a whirlwind tour I must say. It sounds like your having a blast though down there. We'll get to catch up next week! See you in less than a week actually, wait to you see me in my tux!!!