Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I am feeling really good about I went grocery shopping and bought organic milk. I've tried soy milk and rice milk, but they just don't add up to real milk from a cow milk. So today I decided that if I'm going to keep cows in eternal servitude and demand they produce milk for me, the least I can do is let them frolic in the grass a little bit. The only downside is that there is no skim milk and it was $4 for a gallon. Okay, two downsides. Maybe I should grow my own cow.

Also when did dill weed get so expensive? Damn.

I'm trying to eat healthier, which involves me actually buying food and cooking, instead of pretending to eat healthy by warming up a Lean Cuisine or covering lettuce in an inch of ranch dressing. So today I also bought lentils, chickpeas, Smart-Dog brand not-turkey protein soy thing, Newman's Own Lo-Fat Sundried Tomato Dressing and some spring onions. Also grapefruit juice, because I read a study about people drinking a cup a day losing more weight. The only downside is that all this healthy food is BLOODY EXPENSIVE--now that I've discovered the bliss of real cracked-wheat bread it's so hard to go back to the generic kind--mom would be so proud, I saved over $10 today! Also, grapefruit juice, kinda tastes like battery acid.

BUT! There are more exciting things afoot. I bought tikkies for HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX last night AT THE IMAX THEATRE which will be featuring TWENTY GLORIOUS MINUTES of Harry and Co brooming down the Thames. Oh bliss. I've tried to avoid reviews, but I did see one that said that Harry was suddenly becoming a grumpy, sullen teenager--which is exactly the same thing they said about the book when it came out. It would be interesting to compare and contrast reviews, but first I have to see it. T-minus two kingdom for a Time Turner!!!


Laura said...

I'm waiting on tenterhooks for your reiveiw!

What I wouldn't give for some sun dried tomatoes! I'm far too busy cleaning my apartment to cook properly, but did make a nice white bean and tomato stew last night because Dru was visiting. And when I bought my tea tree oil I took a deep breath and inhaled that much missed health-food-store smell.

Samantha said...

Am I the only one in the fam who saw it at midnight on Tuesday? Honestly, I think I'd have preferred to wait and see it with you.

And I have a kick ass humus recipe, if you can find tahini...cheaper than buying pre-made..