Saturday, May 19, 2007

Radio silence

You know I've been working hard when I'm too busy to write about myself. This week was tech week, and last night was opening for "The Castle" and now...there is nothing more to do but run it. Yay! Tech week was grueling, but a lot of fun. There were many, many late nights, but the company I'm working with is all about working hard and playing hard, and everyone gave it their all, so I had no problem showing up and pulling my own weight. Even though, technically, as a stage manager, I didn't have to help out with anything, I figured they could use an extra pair of hands. And why should the designers have all the fun, anyway? So we loaded in the show on Sunday and Monday and rehearsed it in the evenings. I decorated my booth with some of my postcards that I received from other shows (including a Union Jack), and also my Nelson figure, prompting our LD to threaten to burn my British flag. "That's okay," I replied sweetly, "I have more." There is always a loss of creative stuff when you move a show to a different space, and I think the director was upset at just how much was lost--but we got it back last night. Just in time because rumour has it there was a reviewer from the Chicago Tribune there. Woo. I'll let you know how the critics like it--not that it matters much to me because it's a frickin' great show and if anyone wants to come see it, I'll guarantee that you'll like it.

So now I have a day off (well, half a day--by the time I get on the bus an hour before I need to to avoid Cubs traffic, I'll only have half a day) and I've decided to go to the library and return my books, and then wander down to the local thrift store and see if I can buy some glasses. It really bugs me that the roommates have no glasses, just odd mugs they've stolen from bars and cheap, huge plastic tumblers. And maybe some curtains. I can't really afford anything right now, but I want some pretty things because it's spring outside and the house still looks like a bunch of college kids live here.

If anyone is going to be in Chicago soonish, "The Castle" is running until June 18th, Thurs, Fri and Sat at 8, and Sundays at 3 at the Trapdoor Theatre near Cortland and Ashland.


Cathy said...

Diary of Anne Frank closes before your show does so I will be able to see it!!!!

Samantha said...

Aha! So now I know what that mysterious Castle banner on your sidebar is for. I'm thrilled to be in the same rank as you now, Master Lemery.

Laura said...

Good to see you back in the blog-o-sphere even though i haven't updated in a while - because I have nothing to say. What is The Castle about anyway? Is it similar to the Austrailian film of the same name starring Eric Bana? You should check out the film even if they're not remotely similar. It was my friend Matt from Mississippi's favorite movie and it's wicked funny.