Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

What Character in Brokeback Mounatin Are You?

You're Jack Twist, the tragic hero of the story. You struggle to follow your heart and are bitterly punished for your courage and suffering. You're an innocent dreamer, headstrong and enthusiastic. More than anything you want to be loved. Don't let the world break your spirit, cowboy.
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Laura's got a new quiz up on Quizilla, confirming yet again that I am Jack Twist...the perpetual dreamer and romantic who constantly gets their heart broken under the crushing blows of a World that Does Not Care. sigh.

Today is Memorial Day...I am trying to keep in the spirit of being properly grateful, but money concerns have been so pressing lately that all I can feel is slightly bitter that, to me, Memorial Day is just a day that I'm unable to work. Bridget Jones says it best in her book when she's wondering about V-E day: "Feel slightly weird celebrating, as was not me that won the war. Is it possible to have an ironic victory day party?" Well, no, and that's precisely the problem. Since I haven't fought/sacrificed for our country, I feel odd "celebrating" --but that's what I'm encouraged to do, via the numerous Memorial Day Sales! which include (I'm not making this up) a recently advertised piano sale. As much as I would like to bang out "The Yanks Are Coming" I don't think it's appropriate. So I'm spending today applying for jobs and, later, I might paint for awhile.

Last night I went to a birthday party/barbeque down on the lake shore, which was lovely. There's one thing you can't do in London: take your shoes off and splash in the Thames. I have been feeling very depressed lately, for no real reason, so it was good to get out for awhile. I even cornered the director from another company who *might* be doing 1776 next year and basically told him if they do it they needed to hire me to be an ASM/dramaturg and then got into a discussion with him about whether or not Edward Rutledge is a villain. I also managed to work "I'm in the middle of a biography about John Adams," "Well, I agree with you Barack Obama is a great senator and probably our best hope for the future," and "You know, I'm not certain that Thomas Jefferson wouldn't have preferred a monarchy, according to Wikipedia" into the conversation. Showing off? Yes. But, he did take my business card and say "we'll be in touch." I heart history. :)


Zeze the X said...

Ha! I'm your wife, Lureen.

Laura said...

When I wrote that quiz I was totally caught up in the psychology of the characters themselves...I realized afterward that when i wrote the descriptions I wasn't even thinking about describing "you" a person - I was still describing the characters. However when I sat back and answered the questions honestly, wondering who I would score as - it came back shockingly accurate.

I'm sorry you're feeling depressed. You could always cheer yourself up by writing to ME! (shameless cry for attention.)