Monday, May 21, 2007

Lesson learned...

What have we learned today, kids? If you want temp work, you must call your agency often and be as available as possible. It be Monday morning (11:59: still technically morning) and I'm not at work--not that I haven't been busy, I've sent out a bunch of resumes for potential jobs, and I'm about to trot off to the library to return some books, but I was panicking a little bit about money. Then I called my agency to "let them know!" that I was "available!" this week, even though I called them on Friday as well. Lo and behold, there was work Wednesday through Friday, and about five minutes later I got a call back--"Can you come in for training tomorrow afternoon?" Certainly! So, with employment assured (at least for this week), I can sit back, relax and...continue applying for jobs. Also writing, which is something I like to do in my "spare" time.

So I'm home alone--well, the cats are here. Stupid cats. I feel like I'm ten years old again --"Shelby is looking at me!!!" I find it so annoying that the cats just stare at me. Why? Why? Why? I'm not that interesting, even if I do need a haircut (badly), and if they want attention, why can't they just be dogs? Honestly. I've decided to move at the beginning of September (so if anyone in Chicago needs a roommate...) and I'm going to be getting a dog. Enough of this nonsense. Didn't I say when I moved back to the States I was getting a dog? Well, then it's high time to become a dog person again! Hopefully by September I'll get this money thing figured out.

Is it to much to ask to be paid for what I'm good at? Arg.

Meanwhile, I've been so busy that something Very Important! has completely flown under my radar. Andy Claoude was the first person to mention that none other than the gorgeous Michael Cerveris (angelic chorus!) has been nominated for yet another Tony Award. He is in a show called "LoveMusik" where he plays Kurt Weill.


How did I not know about this? I'm getting senile in my old age! A) Michael Cerveris is doing another show, B) he's playing KURT WEILL!!! and C) he's nominated for a Tony award! Now, I lost my faith in the Tony awards when "Spamalot" won best musical, but I'm thrilled that Michael Cerveris is getting more attention because he is so talented he can't get enough, quite frankly. I would love to give him ALL my attention, if you get my drift, but I'd settle for walking his dog. So good! I was doing fine without a TV up until now, but I might have to steal one for the Tony's...maybe buy a nice flatscreen and return it the next day. Hmmm...

Check out the website: there's video!

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Laura said...

Kurt Weill! That's awesome! I still haven't seen this mysterious Michael Cerveris in anything, but I take your word for it he's worthy of obession. My mom got a gift certificate for the Overture Center for her retirement and the only show playing there she hasn't seen is Spamalot so she's going to see that. I agree award shows are pretty ludicrious, unless John Stewart is hosting them and it's one of those years that cycles around a movie I'm obsessed with is nominated (8 times).