Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Being Employed

Laura was having problems uploading pictures to her blog, so I thought I'd help her out on here. Laura has been sworn in as an official Peace Corps Volunteer, and is going to be starting her new assignment this month. She's aaaamazing.

Today I had two very exciting phone calls. One was from my temp agency, telling me they had a permanent, part-time administrative assistant position that they were wondering I wanted to go out for. A part time position that pays as much as my full time job, plus health and dental insurance and time off to write that opus? Heck yeah send my resume over. Fingers crossed I'll get an interview.

Then I had a phone interview with a company that provides theatre people to the cruise ship industry. I made it through that first screening, and now my name is in their pool of potential applicants if a position should become available. So I'm not ready to start packing yet, but maybe come this fall I'll be imitating Nelson down in the Bahamas. (Most people imitate Titanic. This is lame.) One of the questions the gentleman asked me was if I was afraid of long hours. I just laughed and said "Hey, I'm already working fourteen-hour days. It would be nice to focus on one show instead of temping all day and stage managing all night."

So, the employment hunt goes, if slowly at times. The problem is I'm interested in such diverse things, that it's impossible for me to say "right, am going to be an XYZ right now," it's more like "ooh! Job opportunity! Shiny!"


Chris said...

Ah yes I know how that goes. I'm glad that you have time to write now!! and still get paid. I expect to be invited to the premire. :)

Laura said...

That job opportunity sounds great! I think the cruise thing might be fun to do for the summer if you could sublet your apartment or come back to Chicago after one season. I used to think it would be fun to stage manage on a cruise but I think the people - the patrons would all piss me off and I would get fired for reading the Communist Manifesto on the deck of the ship.
Thanks for the recognition on your blog! I'm working on getting mine up and running but until then I'll have to tell everyone about yours