Monday, September 04, 2006

Windy Sunday

Since the library was closed yesterday I went back to Greenwich for some park time. Yes, I visited the new Nelson exhibit at the NMM, but I also enjoyed a stroll along the Thames and browsing through the market. I'm ready for all these tourists to go home though. It was sad, because I'm not sure when I'll be getting down to Greenwich again: not exactly easy to get to from where I'll be living. I'll have to find someplace North to hang out, although, I don't think they used to build ships up there.

After three weeks of cold and drab, the weather has conspired to turn nice. Right now what I mostly want to do is curl up in the sun and enjoy it, but I'm keeping busy. Cleaning, packing. I went to throw out a bag of garbage yesterday and noticed that the top layer was empty cookie packets, which suggests to me that I might be slightly more stressed out than I'm willing to admit. Not having a job is wearying. Not so much for the money--also just something to do to get me out of the house. There are so many people here! Yet I feel like I hardly know anyone. I will have been here for a year in just a week, and if I left tomorrow, I don't think anyone would notice. Then again, I could just have been left alone for too long with my thoughts. Too much philosophizing and dead admirals make Nicki a broken record of boringness. Maybe I should get another degree...

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premiere girl said...

Now, I am the one who's leaving and on top of that has to start jobhunting too-so I should be depressed. You are not allowed to be depressed the same time I am..You have to cheer me up. And what is all these about noone noticing if you were to leave tomorrow? Raymont Hall would party at your departure;)))) Well, I would notice (and I will, but it will be me the one who'll be away)