Tuesday, September 05, 2006

open mouth, insert foot

I guess I really need to learn to shut up and count my blessings. After my last post, I recieved no less than TWO pieces of mail from the home-side of the planet, AND I got three invitations to go out drinking tonight. Top it all off, I'm going to be registering with a temp agency tomorrow, so hopefully the next post will read "employed."

Last night, Alison, Lisa and I had a cheese-a-thon, which involved us watching really, REALLY bad movies and eating copious amounts of cheese and cheese-covered items. For some reason our films had a Jack Nicholson does the sixties theme. "Head," (stream-of-consciousness bad), "Psych-Out" (screamingly bad bad), and "Tommy" (not even Roger Daltrey going for a swim in his tight jeans can redeem this movie bad) The best part was we had it in our new apartment. No, we haven't moved yet, but Lisa hauled her laptop up to Wood Green and we turned on the electricity and played house. I'm very excited about living in London like a proper person and not living in a student dorm. yayyy...

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Laura said...

Tommy was one of the first movies I rented when I got to college in Stevens Point. Here's my impression of myself watching it in my dorm room with my friend Missy - (head held tilted slightly to one side) "Are those...beans?"