Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Doctor Who?

I will not become a Doctor Who fan.

No. Not me.

I'm turning the TV off RIGHT NOW. This has gone far enough.

I refuse.

I am going to go right over and...

...oh, bloody hell.


Chris said...

Who is Doctor Who??

Laura said...

Have you seen the SNL where Ian McKellen hosts and he plays the only British guy in this small town so these two comic book geeks with their own cable access show interview him because he's the only British guy and can do a Dr. WHo impression. So they have him do the Dr. Who impression and they're like wow - what other impressions can you do? ANd he's like, Here's my Gandalf, and he does it, and they're like Awesome! What else? And he's like, Here's Magento - and they're like Dude that sucked! ?

me niether. I just heard about it.

Peter said...

Ok, so I got a show you need to see. Chicago. Its got Ashlee Simpson plying Roxie. Should be good, playing in/on the west end until October sometime, you can thank me later for telling you about it.

Laura said...

ASHLEE SIMPSON! Barf! Don't do it Nicole! Don't see it. Boycott! Oh, man!