Monday, September 25, 2006

chafing at the bit

I still like my job, I do, but this nine to five I don't know how people can do it. I'm not sure if I'll be working past this Friday, and that would be okay. I've got to find some time (and energy) to apply for real jobs. I talked to Mom and Dad last night, and when I mentioned the company I work for was interviewing people to fill my role full time, they both said, "did you put in an application?" But I don't want to do this full time! It is a really good job, but if I had to do it full time, I think I'd go a little crazy. Just a little. Although the receptionist did give me the "Gone With the Wind" poster that came with today's Independent, so now I have wall candy.

Next week I'm going to be stage managing a show that a friend wrote, yay. Back to black. I think I might still be at the place though--the HR manager dropped a clue today when she asked if I could "cover for the receptionist when she goes to lunch next week." So I might be around then. Which is fine. One week pays the rent, two covers all the bills and three, Nicki gets a green suede coat. Whoo. I need to buy a desk too so I can write upstairs in peace. Right now I'm in the living room with the oh-so-distracting TV. Mm. Pretty. 65 channels and what do we watch? American sitcoms.

Of course, the good thing about working all week is come Saturday you have no excuse not to party hard. This Friday was my roommate Lisa's birthday. I was all excited all week because I thought she was going to cook--she's from China, so when she cooks, it's tradional Chinese food and it is soooo gooood. But, like me she works full time and had no time to cook so we went out to Nando's, one of our favourite places. Saturday night I went out to a birthday party in Covent Garden. Whose birthday was it? No clue. I was the guest of the producer of the Rep, and we sat around all night talking and raising our blood alcohol levels.

Aw, now Lisa has come in here taunting me with a bowl of spicy Chinese food, when all I had was healthy chicken and potato, filling but boring. I need to learn how to cook with garlic.


premiere girl said...

After learning to cook with a lot of olive oil and oregano, now the time has come for garlic..Oh, bless Raymont Hall for multicultural cooking lessons!

Peter said...

Ok, so you got a job, just don't want it? wish my life was as great. I will be a Shopko teammate next week sometime, I did my preliminary training yesterday, one day pays for gas, two and I can go home. Yeehaw, and like 4 months will pay the rent for me. So have fun at your job, remember you can always write and party at home. Later, and oh yeah, email me your address I have another postcard for you.

Laura said...

What's to know about cooking with garlic? simply add garlic to EVERYTING..even cake. I'm serious. Mmmmm garlic cake. Mmm. Now i"m in the mood for some fazoli's.