Wednesday, September 13, 2006

remembering to breathe

Thanks everyone for those comforting words of wisdom. I always seem to be at the library at the height of my freaked-out-ness, so naturally that's what my blog is all about. I am feeling a little better today, mostly because I am remembering all my inspirational mottos and Queen quotes, which is calming me down.

I'm also more upbeat because I was writing last night. I thought, "well, all summer you werewhinging about not having enough time to write, well, here's your chance." So I decided to revisit an early piece that I had started and never finished--only I couldn't find the original script! We're talking pre-laptop, so I suspect somehow it didn't get transferred. Luckily I could remember most of the scenes, if not the dialogue, so I set about recreating them. And getting really pissed off because they were too good! Basically the main character is supposed to be really stupid in the beginning, and get smarter, so I figured that would dovetail nicely with my own development as a writer--only now there is no bad opening writing, only good first copy. damnit. Never thought I would lament my clumsy penstrokes of yesteryear. Oh well.

And yes, loyal readers, never fear, I have not forgotten that I am still in beloved London. I recently signed up for a study-day at the National Maritime Museum, just something to look forward to. The topic? "Sex, Crimes and Passion in Nelson's London." Some things will never change.


Laura said...

I hope thats Sex, Crimes and Passion - it sounds interesting. A lot more fascinating that Sex crimes and passion. That would be just screwed up.

premiere girl said...

Does it involve study of Nelson and Emma sex life? I am asking from a professional point of view, you know, for a realistic movie of his glory..xx