Sunday, October 09, 2005


I wanted pancakes for breakfast, but they didn't have any Aunt Jemima instant pancake mix at the store, so I had to settle for chocolate pain au, something like that.

Saturday (yesterday) I went to the V&A, or the Victoria & Albert Museum with some of my flatmates, Liz and Ruth. We all enjoyed the fashion section, although there wasn't enough hoopskirts to my mind, and then we split up to enjoy different displays on our own. Taking advantage of the amazing international collection the V&A has accumulated over the past two hundred years, I immediately went to..."Britain: 1600-1740." :) It took me two hours to wend my way through the maze of rooms with all the artefacts (it's British!), paintings, clothes, furniture, not to mention the kids sections where you can design your own coat of arms. (I didn't. Some stupid kid was hogging the computer.) And when we finally got back together, it turns out Liz was in the Britain section, only medival times, and Ruth was in the Britain section, only the 1800s...and we hadn't seen each other for two hours. That should give you an idea of how big this building is. I'm definitely going back, this time with a survival kit and more water.

This afternoon is dedicated to doing homework, namely reading some new plays and then "Hamlet." I should also start thinking about my first writing project, which I am going to set in a tree.

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