Tuesday, October 18, 2005

In the velvet darkness...

Surely, I thought, as I trundled homeward yesterday at about 4:30, surely there is no way that the power could still be off.

Foolish me.

I'm sure someday I'll look back on this and laugh, but for now... I'm in a little better spirits than I was our first day sans electricity. It's funny how all homework ceases as soon as the sun goes down. Yesterday evening we spent in the kitchen by the light of a candle catching up on each other's lives. So in a way it was a good thing. And hey! We have water in our bathrooms again. It's not hot, but at least it's there. Baby steps. This morning I took our electric kettle down the hall and plugged it into the power cord that's running from the part of the building with electricity so I could have hot water for washing. It's very "Little House" if you know what I mean. And downstairs by the office they have a coffee machine set up--that's right, distract the Nicki with shiny coffee and she's willing to put up with no power. At least my laptop was fully charged so we could listen to music while we were chatting.

I'm off now for breakfast...I can't cook, and all my food has spoiled, so I'm reduced to eating out. So much for this week's budget... :)

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