Monday, October 31, 2005


Happy Hallowe'en everyone! I've had my Hallowe'en party already--all of us girls from Raymont Hall went out to a club on Saturday night dressed up as the rainbow. Guess what colour I went as. No. Guess. Come on. Okay, you're right, I was purple. We took the tube to this odd little club in Westminster which was a lot of fun. Most of the other girls were complaining that everyone was so "young" which I thought was pretty funny since I fit right in. Guess that's what happens when you're a grad student at 23. Anyway, the club was fun, up to and including the two pints of Stella, but the bus ride home was not so fun. For those of you who don't know, there are night buses (and knight buses, haha) that run all night, but they might only come once an hour, in London. The N171 goes right by our dorm, so after the party (say, 3 AM) we were all outside waiting for it...and it zoomed right by us without slowing down!! AHH! Well, we ended up taking another bus which landed us kind of nearby New Cross after the longest, bumpiest, brain-damaging route possible, and THEN we took mini-cabs that last precious half mile. 'Cause after dancing for three hours in my boots, I was not about to walk home. The guys who drove the cabs thought it was pretty funny we were all dressed up as colours though. So, I had a good time, I think, but the bus ride pretty much erased any of that. Don't worry though--purse and morals safely intact. :)

The party probably wouldn't have been so brutal but my flatmate Lisa and I had gone shopping on Saturday. We started off in Portobello Road where I got a red scarf and a fun costume jewelery pin, and then ended up in Oxford Street where I got a fabulously trendy brown military-style jacket. We shopped for about ten hours, no joke. And it was only sheer force of will that got me out of this store Evans. Think Lane Bryant only with more fun clothes and slightly less expensive. I think I may have to step up plans to get a job. If I am going to become a clothes horse, I'm going to need to pay for it. But hell, I'm in the big city, right? Why not?

So yesterday, as you might have guessed, was given over entirely to recovery. I didn't wake up until one PM (it would have been two, but we have daylight savings now) and I could barely muster enough energy to read "Volpone"...only to realise as I looked over my syllabus that we're supposed to read "The Alchemist" Grr. Bloody Jonson. Anyway. This has been the longest weekend I've had for awhile, and probably as good a reason as any to turn teetotaler. It would mean more money for clothes...hmmm...

Oh, and remember that play I was ranting about, "My Name is Rachel Corrie?" Several of my classmates saw it this weekend and they didn't like it. So much for my brilliant critical analysis of a new piece of theater. I still think it's great though. Most of the problems they had was with the actor and the directing.

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Chris said...

Glad to hear you had a happy halloween. Nice choice on costume by the way. Any ho I just wnated to say.