Tuesday, October 04, 2005

First Day of School

2 October 2005

Clever Nicki forgot to bring her thumb drive to school, so you’re getting two days for the price of one. I had my first class today—“Contemporary Writers”—and it was a refreshing burst of academia. Namely, we all got into a fight over the state of theater today. Some thought that theater needs to be “better” than film and TV and that shows such as “Billy Elliot” are a waste of time because they’re entertaining but not educating or don’t require the audience to think. Alternately, some people felt that shows that are pure entertainment are just fine because it’s a good introduction to theater for people who have never been there before, and sometimes you just want to go to the theater for a good time.

Having paid money to see the Queen musical, I fall into the last camp, although I try to see a variety of shows. Last night I sat down with all my brochures and I made a list of shows I want to see and when they are playing and they include ballets, operas, straight plays, musicals and new works. Because I am a true Renaissance Woman, yee-ha. I don’t have another class until Thursday and then I have six hours of lecture, but it’s good to be back into the academic setting. My legs are starting to get used to all the work, so now it’s time to get my brain back into shape. ☺ I am going to read some plays by new British playwrights so I know who my classmates are talking about while I still have some free time.

On a more serious note…I finally bought a yam for dinner the other night because I have suddenly developed an inexplicable love of yams. I blame Scarlett O’Hara. The sad thing was no amount of brown sugar and butter could make the poor yam I bought palatable. I don’t think it was ripe or something, but I baked it for nearly an hour and a half and it was dry and nasty, so I think I’ll just have to wait until I come home and I can have candied yams with marshmallows…and cheesy potatoes…ahh, this cooking for myself sucks.

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