Monday, June 23, 2008

smoke on the waaaaater...

I'm going to apologise for that last post: there's a place for whingy, why-me melodrama, and NLD is not it. Sorry for making you all read that crap. I know I have one of those obsessive personalities that makes me constantly re-evaluate my life, but I shouldn't subject my Loyal Readers to it. No, no, I save that kind of stuff for my journal: let the generations of the future suffer through it. Can't you just picture it? "Mom, wth, seriously?!" I promise to stop and count my blessings before I start whinging next time. Thanks everyone for the supportive slaps upside the head...just what I need to knock me back to reality.

Yesterday I ended up going back to Yorktown for another swim. I put on less sunscreen this time, so I'm beautifully tanned, save for the two pink squares on my back where I couldn't quite reach into the corners of my suit. Whoops. I was only there for about an hour (just long enough to grab a quick swim and a Ben & Jerry's Cookie Cookie Sundae oh my god...), and by the time I got back to Williamsburg it was thundering and lightening. Not too much rain, just enough to make the tourists run for the nearest building. I spent the rest of the afternoon napping.

Today I have a sore throat, which I blame on the fires currently raging in North Carolina and the Dismal Swamps. Interesting historical note: Geo. Washington owned stock in the Dismal Swamps and was part of a group trying to drain it and develop it for sale, but it never happened. I suspect this was because he was busy being distracted by being president. Anyway, the smoke from these fires is drifting northward, right over the Peninsula, and since I spent quite a bit of time outside on my bike (read: panting for air) yesterday I think I probably inhaled more than was good for me. Hence, sore throat. I'm going to have to stop and get some Haribo gummies.

I stayed late again tonight helping out with the Fife & Drum coats. Imagine, if you will, a bag full of pieces of coat, red and blue wool, white lining, a smaller bag of pewter buttons, ties, thread, etc, and no directions. Oh, sure, there's a mockup on a mannequin in the corner, but exactly how you put this together is up to you. And it's totally backwards from what you'd think: you want to put the cuff buttons on last, don't you? No! You put them on first, punching a hole through that pristine wool with an awl--a hole you CAN'T TAKE BACK--and then tie them together with a bit of India tape and THEN you sew in the lining. Just thinking of it gives me the vapours. I am going incredibly slowly: two sleeves done and my coworkers are already attaching the name tags on theirs. But I want it to be perfect. And hey--better to practise on company fabric before I get my hands on my own stuff.

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