Monday, June 30, 2008

A Singular Impression Things Are Moving Too Fast

Buckets o' apologies to everyone who emailed--I'm not going to be able to reply tonight, since my computer refuses to connect to the internets, and I don't want to tie up my (new) roommate's PC too long.

I just wanted to update and say that I'm moved into my new apartment. Dad, who is the awesomest dad on the planet, drove down from Wisconsin with all my Chicago boxes (yay, Nelson biography & fully poseable 12" figure of Washington!) and helped me move.

Repeat: awesomest. dad. EVER.

The good news is I also got a real, honest to goodness, grown-up, brand spankin' new bed. The bad news it'll be delivered Thursday. So I'm not really settled in yet. Dad and I did all the shopping necessary for a new place Friday afternoon and spent Saturday bumming around the historical section. I got arrested--more on that later--and then went to work at the Toymakers for a couple hours and made a small child cry. Sunday we went to the Mariner's Museum, Newport News' answer to the NMM. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they had a whole exhibit dedicated to you-know-who called "THE NELSON TOUCH."

Naturally, Dad and I spent most of the weekend eating and making merry, so my first day back at work I was feeling a little tired, little overwhelmed. But that didn't stop me from making pasta for dinner--my first cooked meal in over three months. Woo indeed.

It's nine pm, I'm bloody exhausted and I still have to go make some kind of sense of my room. I promise I'll write more later. I'm still hangin' in there, but it's going to be a looooong week.

Thanks Dad. Happy birthday!!!!


Laura said...

Long week. Yes it will be. it's 6:30pm on Tuesday and I went to bed last night at 5:30 am. I'm raptly waiting for an email from you but don't stress out about mailing me. I just got my computer newly reset to factory settings back and after an expensive Skype call to microsoft found out I can't open word and my warranty on Word is expired. Long long week indeed.

Samantha said...

I'm sure it will be a long week. Moving is always draining, even when it's only a few blocks! I'm so glad you dad was able to help you out. And do do share more about the arrest and weeping child. I'm intrigued.