Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Red stockings. Red stockings are key.

Ahhh, the Fourth of July. Never was I so ambivalent about a holiday. I used to love the Fourth--the going out, the fireworks, the food--then I stopped hanging out with the people who used to make the Fourth fun. Then my grandma died. Then I spent two years in a country that doesn't celebrate it. So I'm a little "meh" when it comes to really digging in and gettin' my patriotism on.

This year the Fourth means one thing and one thing only: overtime. I've signed up to work as an extra in the extravaganza that CW throws. I'll be standng around, directing people to the bathrooms, telling them what time the fife & drum corps start and no, you can't go there, that area is roped off for fireworks. Sounds brilliant, right? Ah yes, but here's the fun part. I get to dress up in costume. Because we're so low on stock, I didn't get much say on what I'd be wearing, except when it came to accessories. So I'll have on a boring blue petticoat, a grey jacket and red stockings. Awesome.

And our boss announced today that the new Fife & Drum coats need finishing touches put on--oh, and the shop needs to build five more. In nine days. Bring it, I thought, this sounds like, oh, any show I've ever worked on. So I'll be staying late, fray-checking and hook-and-eyeing regimentals.

I'm trying to get some extra money together because I'm going to be moving in a week and a half, and I need to buy some furniture. Also I want to get a dog, and that's not cheap either. So it's good for me to be working my butt off now, while I have the time and the energy--I just hope the weather stays a reasonable 80 degrees like it's been. But we were also asked today how we'd feel about going to a four-day, ten-hour workweek. Ostensibly, to save on gas. I'm ambivalent about it--it's a good idea and if I had Fridays off I'd be able to write more--but on the other hand, I couldn't leave a dog home alone for ten hours. And a dog is key. So we'll see. Either way it's going to be a lot of extra hours hunched over the sewing machine...I might need to invest in some new music.


Samantha said...

Are your stockings at least clocked?

Anonymous said...

No Moby dick update? I'm appaled. I hope the move goes great for you, and overtime never killed anyone, not sleeping did. Remember working at the mill for two weeks straight? Oh yeah, you were on a shift, and a forklift, and air conditioning. Red stockings, with black stripes? That would be cooler. Sounds like Virginia is great though, wish I could be there.

Arndis said...

Ok, you NEED to post pictures of you in that outfit, when the time comes :D

Laura said...

new music? I'm dying to download the MP3 Album of Mama Mia but it's $10 and I just can't justify it. In the meantime I just (stole) downloaded Queen's greatest hits volumes 1 through 3 and I am a better person for it. I'll make it up to Freddy somehow.