Monday, May 05, 2008

I hate being a responsible adult!

One of the women at work has found a Cat and she's trying to give it away. So this morning, after we'd been stitching for a bit, she casually says to me "Nicki, I think you need a cat."

I don't disagree with her right away, but give this suggestion due consideration. Many reasons why I can't adopt a Cat flow through my brain: I am a Dog Person. I can barely afford to feed myself. My house is titchy and I don't think I'm allowed pets. If something were to happen to the Cat, God forbid, I don't think I could afford the vet bills. Things like this. But I don't want to hurt my coworker's feelings--and I do want the Cat, because I need a small furry. So I say, weakly, "Well, if I ever got a cat, I'd have to name it Benedict Arnold, because I'm a dog person. So it'd kinda be" She blinked at me once or twice and then said "Well, I call him Waller, because that was the street he was on, but you can rename him if you want. He's already neutered."

Names are very important. Also, spaying your pets.

I don't think I'm going to adopt this cat, mostly because I'm still hoping to move in July and my future roommate has told me No Cats because her BF 4-EVR is incredibly allergic, and I understand the importance of respecting friends' needs. But I would really like a small furry to take care of, I just need to be patient I guess, until I move and then I can get A Dog.

But now I'm wondering if this Cat has come to me--Cats, after all, aren't adopted, they find you, and I'm wondering if this Cat is waiting for me to recognise that he is My Cat. If I'm being told that, after years of pining for a Dog, I should take this Cat. I must meditate on it some more, but I would feel really bad if I said I would not adopt the Cat and it was actually My cat.


Am & A said...

I want a cat so badly. My boyfriend hates them, though, and I'm not really equipped to care for one right now anyway. At least my parents live half an hour away so I can go bother their pets when I need my small furry fix.

Laura said...

I don't think it can be Your Cat if you're meant to move to a larger, nicer, apartment in July that doesn't allow furries. I know what you mean though. However, speaking as a dog person, I can say that a cat will definately grow on you - or maybe just me because I've been an Animal Person since childhood and I spend all my time with my cat - and no one else.
I say don't worry too much about THIS cat and wait it out. Your day will come. Btw - I recently had to Email-a-Vet because i had a wasp in my apartment and I thought Oh Good, it buzzes and Bella will enjoy hunting it. She was enjoying hunting it too until I though Ohmigod! What if she gets stung and has an allergic reaction. I have to leave on thursday and I can't take her to the vet. So I emailed a vet are cats allergice to bee/wasp stings? What's a sign of an allergic reaction? What do I do if she is not allergic but just gets stung and goes Miao! in pain?
Well, I left my email open and one of my friends saw it and he was like I've been around people with cats my whole life and I've never heard of a cat allergic to stings. However, IF your cat is allergic you could always get her a little kitty epi-pen. But then I'd never stop making fun of you!

tealracing16 said...

Ok, cats dont find you, they find everything. There are like 4 kabillion cats in the world, there's another "my cat." trust me. Also, your allergic aren't you? These things need to be taken consideration, even Brenda said she wouldn't have gotten them if she knew I was allergic. I'd wait. If I had known how much a dog was going to be in time/money, I probably would've waited a little bit.

Samantha said...

Umm...the cat didn't find you. The cat found your co-worker and now it sounds like your co-worker is trying to coax the poor thing off on you...and probably for many of the same reasons you shouldn't have a small furry...