Monday, April 23, 2007


I am feeling VERY apprehensive today!!! because I've been reading about the theatrical successes that my friends are having and feeling inadequate. I know that I'm stage managing a show in addition to working nine hours a day--but I am really anxious for a full time job. Or at least a gig that is full time so I can stop switching my focus back and forth from temping to theatre. Something where I can use all my skills, either as a stage manager, or production manager or a literary manager or a dramaturg. I chose to go and get my master's degree, so I shouldn't feel like I'm doing less than people I graduated with, just because my theatrical resume doesn't have as many lines on it--but I do!!!! I sent out a couple more resumes today for some jobs, but I'm really struggling with finding time to do proper job searches. Take today, for example: I have the night off, but then I read in the Red Eye (like the Metro, but with more sports) that Suzan Lori-Parks is doing a reading from one of her plays tonight. Parks is a hero of mine so, obviously, I must go. I can do laundry some other time.

The weather was gorgeous this weekend. I walked to rehearsal on Sunday, after partying 'til four in the morning the night before. It felt good to be outside with no coat on. I'm still missing London. When the weather got nice in that city the whole place came alive with open restaurants, people sunning themselves in front of the National Gallery and, of course, writing in the nearest park. Everything seems to be conspiring against me: Virgin airlines is flying a new route from Chicago to London, and my joy at seeing the new HP trailer was tampered when I saw Harry flying past Canary Wharf. I'm really trying. Really. But I feel like Admiral Nelson after he had his arm shot off at Tenerife: I have to learn how to do everything all over again with my left hand.

I am determined, however, to find some new hobby. I think I might take sailing lessons, if I can find a club that fits in with our play schedule. Or else I've been looking into historical re-enacting. (not lame Civil War reenacting, Revolutionary War reenacting, which is not lame) I think this would fufil several needs: to geek out about history, meet new people, men in breeches, etc. The sooner I can find a "real" job the sooner I can fill up the rest of my time with fun stuff instead of rushing around from here to there.

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Peter said...

Hey sis, at least your doing. I'm stuck up here while Brenda shops and all my friends are outside enjoying the weather. Oh well I only have 4 more days of college left. I hope you can find something to keep entertained by. You'll find "fulltime" work, just give it some time.