Thursday, April 19, 2007


I was feeling really frustrated about working here because the woman I'm working under is providing information on a strictly "needs-to-know" basis. Four days into this job, however, and I know all that I need to know, so I'm doing a lot better, getting familiar with people's names, the job expectations, etc. I've also discovered the hands-free headset, so now I can type and answer the phone at the same time. Mostly I'm calling people who are expecting appointments to let them know they've arrived, so I spend a lot of time trying to remember people's names and surfing the internet.

Here's a fun exchange that happened yesterday:

Suit: Hey, hello there, how are you?
Me: Fine, except my internet just crashed!
Suit: (chuckling) Ho-ho, what kind of sites were you looking at?
Me: (blinking up at him innocently) I was reading "Hamlet!"
Suit: Uhhh...

In other news, we had a photoshoot for promotional photos last night. These are the pictures that are going to go out to newspapers for advertising purposes, so they're not the finished product--but they look pretty amazing considering the director lit it with three parcans and it's only about 75% of the costumage. This picture is of the main character, K (in the bowler), surrounded by the rest of the company. It's a set up-picture, but it's really creepy and I think evokes the theme of the play well. I'll have more info on the play (including seeing-it details!) soon.

I'm really tired today, but with the help of a bag of Haribo (the gummi bears, not the Harry Potter themed ones I love so very very much, alas) and two cups of coffee I'm getting through. I was feeling achy before rehearsal on Tuesday so I did four sets of Sun Salutations, and I'm still sore--I guess this means I should do more yoga or find a job that doesn't involve me sitting for hours and hours and hours and...

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Laura said...

I love doing 4 sets of sun salutations although they kick my ass. Sorry I said ass on your blog. I think I'm going to need a massage though because my back is aching because of the way I slept on the train and the fact that the room my 2nd gazda has for me for the month of June can fit a bed and that's it so I won't have any space to resume my regular yoga practice anytime soon.

Eagerly awaiting the details of your show. (not that I can see it...)