Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is there anyone else who has slightly mysterious bruises?

~Or, how to make $200 and not be a prostitute~

~Or, Nicki Satisfies her Taco Craving~

Couldn't pick a header, so you get to vote, gentle reader.

I've been temping for the last three days. By "temping" I mean doing all the bitchwork (sorry, I know) that secretaries don't have the time to do. For the past two days I've been stuffing envelopes with tickets and name badges for a conference in Vegas. "Did that really taken you two days to do?" I hear you ask. No, it took TWO of us two days to do. Luckily I had a fellow temp, a very intelligent, well-travelled, liberal (huh, sounds like me) young man to work with, so we filled our time with discussing the state of the world and why Barack Obama will save the nation and feed our children. So it was boring work, but it passed quickly. The only bad thing is that my arms and shoulders are killing me! and I have these little papercuts all over my hands. I think if I get called to go to work tomorrow I am going to say "erm, um, no thanks" and send out some more resumes. I've also had rehearsal for the past two nights, so I've been getting home late. It's fine. Tonight I waited for a half hour for a bus that didn't come and got completely soaked. Luckily I had Andy Claude to talk to or I would have gotten really down. As it stands, when I came out of the skyscraper where I was working today I felt really sad. Homesick, like. Only I don't know where home would be. So I got some tacos on the way to rehearsal, because I've been dying for some Mexican food. They were really good.


Peter said...

That's sweet that you had tacos, sometimes I have them too.

Laura said...

OH MY GOD I'M SO JEALOUS THAT YOU HAVE TACOS AND CLAUDE! I miss you both so much (you and Claude, not Claude and the tacos). Don't even talk to me about Mexican food. I know what you mean about bruises only they don't show up on my skin sufficently. I walked into a door knob a few days ago and I'm working on a nice dark spot on my wrist. Also my legs are still nicely bruised from the trench digging in Pitesti. I just wish I would have brough my bruise wheel to help them along.
I'm glad it sounds like you made a friend in Chicago. Maybe the two of you will work together again on stuffing envelopes FOR Obama.
Obama forever!