Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lazy Evening

Huzzah for doggy daycare. Kismet has been crashed out ever since we got home three hours ago, leaving his mum to accomplish all those little mundane tasks that she's been putting off for weeks.

Oh, hells, I've been surfing the internet while waiting for the Daily Show to come on, all right?! But it feels nice to sit around and do nothing.

It's getting cold in Wmsbrg, which is probably why I'm feeling lethargic. Fall was a long time in coming, thank heavens, but it's creeping in now. We're trying to leave the heat off for as long as possible, which means extra layers and using the dog as a foot warmer, but if it stays below fifty for much longer, we might have to cave. Tonight I had butternut squash soup that my roommate made that was absolutely delicious. Good for winter too.

There's not much else I have to say. Life is pretty quiet and boring around here. Did you know that plane tickets to London are only $615 from Washington Dulles? Yeah. Like I said--it's pretty quiet around here.


Jack Bunny said...

Sounds like a good evening to me.


Laura said...

miss the daily show....whimper...
did you know that when ever my computer is sick my phone gets sympathetically sick too? Phone died Tuesday so Wednesday I brought it in to be fixed. the guy at the shop said it would take a week, and I can put my chip in another phone. But I don't have another phone, says me. Turns out the manager of the cell phone store leant me his own phone - and it rings with -I'm not kidding - the "stabbing theme" from Pscyho. I can't wait to have my own phone back.