Thursday, November 06, 2008

Can you feel a brand new day?

Most of my loyal readers probably notice that I don't talk about work much beyond funny stories about me stabbing myself with needles or bragging on my Fife & Drum coat (Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!!! Don't forget now!!!). I do this because I really, really like my job, and for once I have respect and love for a company and I won't gossip about them here.

But I guess it's okay to talk about the meeting we had today, since CW released a press release yesterday and I saw it on the news. Like a lot of other companies, CW is downsizing--becoming a leaner organisation, as our president put it in his email. They've eliminated 140 positions and are leaving another hundred vacant ones empty. My job is, for the moment, safe. Most of these positions are interpreters tradespeople--people who have highly specialised skills, particular to the eighteenth century and CW. In some cases, they are literally the only people in the world who know how to perform their particular craft. It kills me that the historical area will be a more empty, leaner place without them. Today our supervisor went over the details of the layoffs and the consolidation of various areas, reminding all of us not to feel superior just because we had been passed over. Most of us nodded. It's impossible to feel superior when you're aching inside for people who work at the same company for the same reason you do. We work here because we love the eighteenth century and CW. It's like working in a theatre company where everyone is family, speaking a secret language. And now our family is smaller.

I'm still worried about the future, although worries have been put off until (hopefully) after Christmas. Nothing was a starker reminder of how much is at stake with the new president than receiving the news about our company. The economic crisis is more than just a news story now, it's here. I've started over before, picked up, moved and been in new places with no job and no apartment before--I like to think if the worst happens I'll be okay.

But for once, I don't want to start over. I really want to stay here, working in CW, and occasionally prancing around with a musket in a pair of breeches. And so tonight I'm praying for economic upswing with guidance for our new leader. Thanking heaven that I'm still employed...and waiting for what's next.


Laura said...

wow. I know you love CW but maybe if your job is not safe then you could consider moving (in with me) in the future. I wouldn't want you to leave CW for me since you seem like you're really happy there. Regardless of whatever happens I know you will be ok. I got your letter yesterday, Smiles.

Samantha said...

I am so happy that you found a place you enjoy as much as CW. I wish you and the your historic family the best of luck. We will weather this

Diane Fields said...

hey Nicki my grandmother graduated from William and Mary and retired from CW at 65. She was given great benefits and was taken care of. I also have a space in my house here and you are welcome. I have news for you Amanda reminded me that CW lays off every year in the fall and winter because business is off. I am here and come by the toymaker to fill me in.
Love, Diane