Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Beagle in the Window

Kismet has a friend, the Beagle in the Window, who only comes out at night, or occasionally as we're walking past a building with big mirrored windows. I want to write a children's story about the Beagle, how he lives in a sort of Alice Through the Looking Glass type world. Possibly the story involves a lonely Kizzy being taken for a romp through this other world, before realising that he's happier home with his mom. He's such a good boy--the only time he bays is when he sees the Beagle. Maybe the Beagle in the Window is a sort of pomo manifestation of the dark side that haunts all of us.

Or maybe it's just been a long weekend.

I'm feeling kind of blue tonight. Don't know why. The combination of the news of the upheavals at CW, combined with some negativity on the part of Republican friends about the election have made me tired and sad. I honestly didn't think that normal, rational people believed all the hype about Obama's supposed Muslim and socialist leanings, but now I'm finding out that's not true. That's depressing, and it just means the right-wing slander machine is still alive and well, even if the right-wing isn't. How can you repeat rumors about someone without digging up the facts for yourself? I don't understand it.

So I'm a little blue today. Feeling lonely. It was a beautiful day and I spent it doing what I love best--walking mah dog and then playing militia--but tonight I'm just a little sad, little anxious. Little blue.


Laura said...

honey if you're blue I wish you could give me a call. I'm so lonely without Kwarou and it gets dark around 5pm so I'm home alone sitting on the couch with Harry Potter wishing the phone would ring but unable to call anyone else because I don't have credit. I'd love to talk to you again and share in the joy. Talking to people disappointed with the results of the election is one thing I haven't had to deal with so far - if I did I would highlight that the majority of the American people voted together for a change from the status quo - the people have spoken. In other words if you don't have something nice to say - Shut your cakehole! Oh I miss you and wish we could talk. It has been an emotional week.

Diane Fields said...

hey Nicki just remember you can e-mail me at and or call me at 229-4403 anytime. My husband and i feel the same way you do. These republicans just wanted in and that is that. They are angry
Anyway"the Beagle in the Window" is a great name for a book.

Jack Bunny said...

It's natural to feel blue from time to time. It's all a part of having a creative mind. I know it doesn't feel good at the time, but it sure beats not feeling anything at all.

As with your other friends, if you feel like talking, you know where I'm at.