Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Return to blogland...

I want to update properly this weekend with pictures and highlights, but in the meantime I thought I'd put up what I wrote in my journal last night. In addition to blogging every day, I also write a journal, which I usually keep private. But I thought last night's post was particularly fine. Enjoy.

"I'll probably regret not journaling everyday, but it's nice to have a week with no writing, not blog or journal. Vacation was great. It was over too quickly, and I feel like I spent all week running from one relative to another, but I had a good time. It was wonderful to see everyone. Really, just...

See, the problem with not writing for a week I use generalisations, words I use when I'm describing it to a coworker or a casual acquaintance: 'It was great. Wonderful to see everyone.; How to describe the utter joy I felt bombing through the middle of Wisconsin--leaves fluttering through the air, the smell of drying corn and cow patties in the air--the utter happiness of moving through an area that is totally familiar and completely home? Of waking up in my childhood bed with the warm snugness of a weeklong Saturday, all my '2nd tier' books (the ones I won't give up, but can't take with me just yet) all the familiar spines just within reach? Falling back into my old lifestyle, reaching for beer and turning down familiar streets, my accent picking up the familiar elongation. So easy.

Before when I could come home, it felt alien, like I was a foreigner. But this time I felt overwhelmingly welcomed and loved. Maybe it's because I'm so happy where I am in Wmsbrg I transport some of that light. Maybe it's because I've outgrown the petty jealousies of youth. The love you give is the love returned, and thats all I felt the entire week there."

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Diane Fields said...

Does this mean you are staying in Williamsburg Nicki for awhile? If you can get past some of the political stuff here it really is a great place to live.
Anyway welcome back.If i am off ever on Saturday perhaps we can do something.