Thursday, November 03, 2005

Things I Like About London

As some of you may have gathered, things are not all peaches and roses here in London, and sometimes I find it very hard to remain optimistic about being here. Classes are going well, but I haven't really made any friends yet--everyone here seems to think obsessing about Harry Potter and movie characters "uncool," imagine--so sometimes it's hard to keep a smiley face going. So I thought I'd make a list of things I like about this City, to remind myself when things are going bad, there's always a little good:

1. Sainsbury's squash: A concentrated fruit drink you mix with water and voila! Fruit juice. Cheaper than actual juice, tastier than water.
2. Trains
3. Sainsbury's ice-cube bags. Plastic bags you fill with water and freeze to make ice cubes. No spillage!
4. The West End
5. Cadbury's chocolates--official chocolatier to the Queen and officially my fave.
6. The Guardian. Liberal newspaper.
7. Fish & chips. Mmmmm... Oh, and curry as well. Mmmmm, curry....
8. Horatio Nelson
9. The Victoria & Albert Museum (it's free!)
10. Having a tea break
11. The exit signs which show a little green man fleeing for his life.
12. Dogs on the Underground
13. Fruit & veg from street markets

There's more, but I can't think of them. I spent all day yesterday at the National Gallery, getting some museum therapy. I went to the exhibit on Ruebens, which I think would have been more interesteing if I was an art student--lots of sketches and inspirations, not so many paintings. Then I wandered around the National Portrait Gallery until it closed--hey, they're free, why not? I don't know what it is about breeches and periwigs...I think I was just born in the wrong century.

Anyway. Next week I'm off to Glasgow and then to the Scottish Highlands. Am looking forward to being out of the city and seeing some hairy coos. :)


Chris said...

Sorry to hear that things can be a bit frustraiting. I know that before you know you'll have found yourself hanging out with some really kick ass people. ( i know I did when I was first in Point)Just to let you know I have been throughly enjoying reading of your adventures in London. I am glad that there are things that you still love about London. Wish I felt the same way about Point. So yeah, and hey no matter what you can always call me. Looking forward to the next post.

Samantha said...

What about Cornish pasties and Covent Garden. Cheap theatre tickets? You'll make it through.

Laura said...

I'm having a tea break right now and I just got to work! Yeah, the free museums are quite awesome, but the standing in the museums got to me after a while. Bad Knees. If you happen to wander into the (also free) National Gallery and see a painting of a Jesus and John the Baptist by an artist I belive the name of Reni - buy me a postcard. You'll know the painting. It's very hot!