Monday, November 21, 2005

Death by Fog

Today I was very cranky as apparently everyone in Goldsmiths felt the need to run into me, stop suddenly in doorways causing me to run into them, stand too close to me, breath on me, bump into me, look at me, think about me and ignore me. Too many undergrads in one little hallway make a cranky Nicki. Not to mention it's cold. I can think of only one person who would appreciate the cold snap, and even he would be unhappy 'coz there's no snow.

But then...I draw your attention to the links on the right of the screen. You will notice a new link which I found while surfing for information about Assassins, still reigning as my favourite musical. That's right, I found a page devoted to HP musicals. Before you scoff, go check them out. There's at least thirty shows, all reworded by fans with even more time on their hands than me. And they're HILARIOUS, to steal Andy's word. I especially like the Assassins if only I could convince Michael Ceveris to sing "The Ballad of Tom Riddle." Oh, I'm laughing so hard people are looking at me. (ah! people!) I knew there was a way to combine the two loves of my life...

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Samantha said...

Some people have way too much time on their hands.