Tuesday, February 24, 2009

dog warts

The things you learn when you get a dog...I noticed yesterday that Kizzy had a kind of massive cold sore inside his mouth. Thanks to the power of the internets, I discovered he most likely had something called "canine papilloma virus" which was causing the bumps. Today we had to go pick up more Advantix, so I took advantage of being at the vets to get a professional opinion. Professional opinion was that the internets are right. Phew.

So Kizzy has dog warts. The good news is they go away on their own and they're not contagious to humans. And then he'll never get them again. So basically he has doggy chicken pox for the next few months. Nothing to worry about. I'm just glad that I have the computer so I can look up info late at night..what did parents do when their babies broke out into odd rashes at odd hours?

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