Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Nicki enjoys the infatuation stage.

Nicki has had waaaay too many successful first dates that never went anyway to hope for anything better than...a successful first date.

Nicki reasons: "better to stay infatuated than get disappointed after a successful first date."

Nicki is very single.

(very single)

Nicki is slightly embarassed about this.

Also embarrassed about spending so many Saturday nights at home with the dog.

Nicki could use a good excuse to shave her legs. Has she grown lazy or is it just cold out?

Nicki finds it's easier to entertain herself than make plans with persons unknown.

Persons partially know have given Nicki their phone number.

Given her tidbits of info that have put her in that infatuation stage.

Nicki dithers.

To wit: To Call and become disappointed once again? Or to stay infatuated, at arm's length, safely behind the emails?

Nicki wonders if it's time to plunge into the sea once again.


Anonymous said...

It is better to have loved and lost etc etc etc.....

Laura said...

I got no answer for you here. Sorry!

Peter said...


Chris said...

Dive in. Life is about risks. Yes sometimes it ends in hurt, but in the end every person and exprience helps to reveal another part of who you are. If anything there is somthing to be learned. Not that these lessons are always easy or pain free, but in the end the knowlege tends to be worth it.