Thursday, September 29, 2005

Play of the week

**I have been writing my posts in my room and carrying them to the library on my thumb drive, so until further notice, when I say "today" I mean "yesterday"

Also, please disregard the stupid "visit my website to cure your ills" comments that people have been posting. Lame, lame, lame. I know all of my friends and family can do much better. Cheers.**

If I needed any reminding that I am now a grad student and therefore have to achieve much higher goals, I got that today with my first reading assignment. First week: four short one-act plays, discussion to follow. Week two: Hamlet. Now I love Hamlet, don’t get me wrong, but the whole thing in one week? Guess I’ll be burning the midnight oil. (which reminds me: buy lamp) I finally got to meet my fellow playwrights and the “convener” (chair) for my department, John Ginman, the same man who interviewed me a year and a half ago. He even (dimly) remembered me! It looks like a good group of people—not only are there playwrights, but dramaturges, people who do research and work with directors and playwrights to develop the work and convey ideas to the audience. So I’ll be taking a dramaturg class in addition to writing, about how to research and discuss plays. We’re going to be reading at least a play a week, most of which I have never heard of, much to my delight. We also have the option of reading one of them in it’s original French. Sorry, I’m gonna have to take a pass… I’m very excited to be embarking on the “academic” part of studying here at last, but a little worried as well. One of my projects later this year is going to involve multimedia, and I have no experience with video and sound, so it is going to be another total learning experience. A small part of me was whining for awhile that “Ahhh, we write plays about people standing around in kitchens talking to one another, we don’t need video…” and was promptly shouted down by the rest of the voices in my head. Also, my schedule of classes leaves me with Wednesday and Friday totally free…not to go to Ireland, as some have suggested, but to work on my writing and reading. Yeah. Two whole days for homework. *shudder* Anyway, it’s been a very exciting day, culminating in fried potato for dinner.

Also, while I was in the library earlier being reflective, I found a webpage with an article about Sweeney Todd complete with pictures of Michael Cerveris and (jealous) Patti Lu Pone. I was promptly rendered so excited that I had to go outside for some air

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Samantha said...

Poor baby...Hamlet in a week? Play a week will end up being a breeze. Curious to see what you have to say about Angels and Demons...