Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doin' it for the Books

Oh look, fan art.

I never know what to tell people when, after hearing I work at the CDC, they gush: "Oh my gosh, I am sooo jealous! You guys do such great wooork!" Usually it's a pathetic half-smile and a "yeah..." Working at the CDC WAS great. But it's been the 1770s every day for the past three years--the same patterns, the same instructions, the same petty dramas, pathetic inside jokes...

So what keeps me going? Well, the paycheck, the awesome benefits, and the fact that I can listen to my iPod all day long. I have a subscription to, and I've been downloading the Aubrey/Maturin books one per month. It takes about two and a half days to listen to each book, and I usually listen to them several times (eighteenth century dialogue + wicked awesome literary talents make them a joy to listen to) before it's time to listen to the next one. Also, I check out audio books from the library. So, although I lament the lack of time I have to crack an actual paper book, I'm getting my literary fix quite nicely.

Books, once again, come to my rescue.

Oh, remember the bear that I dressed for the Salvation Army Christmas bear drive? One of the women who is on the Army's board called me up last night and wants me to make one for her son...who's graduating from the Fife and Drum Corps this July. Huzzay!


Peter said...

Sounds like a trip to play with your niece is in order! You'll always have your books. We read the lady's of the Revolution last night, I think it kinda went over her head though. We'll keep trying.

Samantha said...

Could be worse...could be the same tedious, repetitive tasks...only stuck in a cubicle and hunched over a computer doing data entry.

Just think back to Chicago. You hated Chicago. The comparison may cheer...

Sad that most of the jobs out there are of the mundane and repetitive variety. Gotta get your excitement from hobbies and after hours I suppose. Though with our jobs being the bulk of our waking hours I can completely understand your complaints.

But new commissions! Yay! (even if it is just another repeat of a previously done job...)