Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beaglin' on a Sunday Afternoon

I have been going to choir. Making it a priority, as they say. From the days when I first started going as teenager, I've always been in the choir...going to church means singing in the choir. It is interesting that my church chooses not to stand during the reading of the Gospels...but we stand during hymns. Hm. That's Methodists all over for ya. I haven't been going to church in the past year because of working in the evening: working means I need someone to beagle-sit, so finding someone for one, two, three days is challenging. And it's not fair, after all he's my dog. But I decided I would rather cut back to two nights a week and do choir than have that extra money. For now.

So this Sunday was the first Sunday I sang, even though I've been to a couple rehearsals. Last Wednesday I attended the Ash Wednesday service, but I was so overcome that I left halfway through. I was reliving the week before Christmas, leading up to Grandma's funeral, and that, coupled with a serious attack of depression left me unable to do much. Thursday I left work early (depression is not just mental--it also makes my joints ache, and since I'm crying I usually have headaches), and Jeff had to come over and literally pry me out of bed and then force feed me fajitas. (okay. Maybe not force feed. He's a really, really good cook) But by yesterday I was fine again. Totally myself. It's this quick recovery that keeps me going in the darkest hour--knowing that in my case depression is just a hit and run summer shower. And when it came time to sing this morning's anthem, "Almighty and Everlasting God," I could stand up and sing joyfully, purely and praisefully.

My good mood is also probably due to the weather as well: fifty degrees yesterday and sixty today. Both Kiz and I were anxious to get out of the house, so we spent two hours at the dog park. Then I indulged in a proper car wash, one where they vacuumn your car and wash the inside windows and (temporarily at least) spray something inside to keep the beagle farts at bay. I also got an oil change, and was a little shocked when the technician suggested it was time to change some other fluids: power steering, transmission flush, coolant, engine the tune of $300 or so. Uh. Maybe next week.

Sunday means pizza for dinner, although I managed to stop myself with four pieces and instead have salad. Then I shoved a load of laundry in the washer and went for another walk with Kismet. Today really was just about enjoying the blessed sun--and wearing the beagle out. (It worked too...he's been chasing bunnies on the end of my bed for an hour already) I do like Williamsburg, but I like it a hell of a lot better in the spring and summer.


Jack Bunny said...

Lucky you. I have a 1-foot-tall weiner dog trying to play in a foot and a half of snow. How did you land the theatre critic gig?


Nicki said...

Actually I was's not paying anything yet, but I feel all big and badass with my new press credentials.