Saturday, October 10, 2009

shhhh nobody move

Somewhere in the last year my computer has gone from "creaky" to "outright old and cantankerous." A few days ago it decided it could no longer find the music in my iTunes library. Oh, I was waving my fists and screaming, let me tell you--half my music collection has been lovingly stolen from libraries all over the world. (what, you think I OWNED over seventy musicals? pffft.) Meaning, I don't have the original discs to re-download them. But, after a comprehensive survey, I discovered my music was on the computer, it just wasn't being recognised by iTunes. So I reintroduced the two, got iTunes talking to my library again, tried not to get depressed over the fact that I also lost all my playlists (sigh) and am now getting track names from the internets.

I am very concerned my computer might shut down at any moment and destroy the whole delicate procedure. So, shhh, no sudden movements.

Also, pray we make it to next April...I think I know who's getting my tax refund check next year: APPLE COMPUTERS INC.


Samantha said...

Have you been backing up your computer to an external drive? I'm burdened with a similarly cantankerous laptop and lest I loose years of portfolio photos and hours of music...that little black box and I became fast friends.

Andrew said...

The new ones are just lovely. Solid aluminum frame, fully integrated graphic processors, and fully integrated touch sensitive motions for easy access to advanced functions. They cost a small fortune, but it's worth every penny! Wow, I have become a mac nerd.