Sunday, May 17, 2009

Let the waters roar, Jack...

It's been raining all day, which is normally a lovely way to spend a Sunday inside (especially when the beagle is exhausted from a week's worth of playcare, exuberant babysitting and general being outside-ness), but this morning I volunteered to show up at CW for a militia program. It's hard to shoot a gun in the rain. Not only because your powder gets wet and you misfire, but because those Besses get really slippery in the rain. I think I did okay though--at least as far as my detail was concerned--I remembered all the manouvres correctly this time.

My roommate showed me this video from The Onion a few days ago--a spoof of "living history" museums where people dress up and try to re-enact certain time periods. Like CW. I love this video, because it's spot on...sometimes we have to remind ourselves not to take our jobs so seriously.

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Diane Fields said...

Tell your roommate i loved the video. I can only imagine some of the visitors to CW asking wild questions all the time. A friend of mine years ago worked there in CW and it was 1976 and they wanted to know "Was this town built for the bicentennial?"
Anyway yes today was a day for movies and i say go see "Angels and Demons" it is great-i had today off.