Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trials of Beaglehood

I wanted to write a post about whether or not I feel more/less pressure now that I'm writing for a select audience. NickiLovesDrama Platinum, if you like. Now that it's only the loyalist of loyal readers, I feel like I need to increase the quality of journalism.

But the dog is sick. Proper sick. Can't keep a thing down, not even the fingernail sized treat at the vet, not even water. He's floppy to the point seeming bonelessness and, like a two year old with a fever, cuddly and miserable. I knew something was wrong when I set his food bowl down this evening and he sniffed it and then walked away. So we went to the vet. Luckily (or unluckily, if you like), he had an accident in the exam room, providing the sample needed to determine that he has a parasite. "Did he drink any standing water recently?" the vet asked. "Does the James River count?" I asked, conjuring up hazy memories of a languid Saturday spent beachcombing while the boyfriend cooked dinner. Turns out it does.

So I have a sick beagle on my hand. Right now he mostly wants to sleep and that's fine with me, but I have to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated. I cooked up a big pot of "bland diet" food (rice and lean beef) but he's so sick that a tiny piece came right back up again, along with most of his medicine. Sigh. Poor baby. I think his mom's going to take the morning off so she can monitor and give plenty of cuddlings.


Diane Fields said...

so sorry to hear that Nicki- i hope Kismet feels better real soon.Pets are our kids after awhile and it is tough to watch them get sick and/or are sick.
I lost my cat about a month ago to cancer-she was old and it had spread. She had cancer before but it came back. Anyway like i said animals are our kids.
Hope you both feel better soon.

Nicki said...

Hey Diane, I am so sorry to hear about your cat. I know exactly what you mean when you say pets are our kids. It's really hard to go through the death of a pet, because so many people think they're "just animals." I hope you feel better soon.

Diane Fields said...

Thank you Nicki and i hope Kizzy feels better soon.