Wednesday, December 03, 2008

do not want

I'm trying very hard not to "want" anything for Christmas this year...I have a new car, and that's more than enough present. (Kizzy, on the other hand, is very excited about his first "real" Christmas and would like stuffed chew toys and more Greenies.) Last year I posted my Christmas list online...I'm too old to be excited about the presents part of Christmas anyway. Seriously. I'm working on focussing about the other, better parts, keeping my mind on the real reason for the season.

But I just got an email from PETA, and I wanted to let you know about a program they have going, in case you have extra pressie money left over. Let me say I don't agree with all of PETA's opinions or their tactics. But they have started a program to provide doghouses to dogs who are chained up outside. Legally, the owners of these dogs have to give them up to the authorities or to adoption groups, and if they do not, the dogs can't just be taken, unless they are being overtly neglected. But PETA is able to provide wooden doghouses with straw inside, which is better than nothing. At $265 a pop, it's outside my price range, but if everyone who reads NLD donated $10, that would be one less dog outside.

More information about PETA's program here.

Adopting a rescued dog has really challenged me, which is why I like the idea behind this program. Kizzy was literally picked up by the side of the road. The only clues I have to what happened to him before are little quirks of his personality: the fact that he's only just now grasping the idea behind "sit" and "stay." His ability to gulp down food in less than thirty seconds, like he's never eaten before. His non-barking. His overwhelming friendliness despite...despite whatever happened to land him by the side off the road. And the most disquieting thing--the fact that at one point his tail was broken and never reset. When he lies down on the floor it sticks straight up like a flag, adorably. But it gives me pause: what happened? How long was he out in the wild? Did he catch his tail on something--or did someone break it for him? It is just the perfect height to catch in a car door. I should know, I have to watch out for it when we go over to the historical area for our Saturday walks. He's not the dog I expected: like a football-playing son, I am constantly worried I'm not able to be a good mom because I don't understand him. He entertains me, irritates me, licks me and pisses me off sometimes. But he loves me, and I love him and we're learning to live with each other. I guess I'm rising to the challenge...I only wish I had more room so we could get another dog.


Peter said...

This is going to sound harsh, but if you donate to PETA I might not get you anything for Xmas, and I'm not kidding. They are horrible, just horrible people. Doghouses are nice, but if the dog is neglected, then it doesn't need a roof, it needs an owner.

Whew, I'm done.

Nicki said...

Yes, but legally, the dog cannot be taken away unless the proper authorities decide it's being neglected--and even then the owner could go to court and get them back. And sometimes, I'm sorry to say it, these are dogs that would not fit into a home if they were taken--pitbulls and junkyard dogs and the like. That's not to say they should be left alone, but that if they were taken away, they could be euthanised. What PETA is trying to do is make existence a little more bearable for these animals--they also do food drops and stuff like that. I think PETA is pretty horrible too...but then again, someone's got to go out there and point out the hypocrisy in the system.

Peter said...

Pitbulls are wonderful dogs, this conversation could turn into a full blown argument when you get home. PETA is scum and that's it. If they want to help they would shut up and do something. Take a dog for a walk, donate to pounds, get new laws passed to get dogs back. blah blah blah, its all been said before I guess