Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Fingerprints: Let Me Show You Them

One of the things I have to do to be able to volunteer with small, impressionable children is get my fingerprints taken. So today I bundled up and bundled down to the Center, where a very efficient woman scanned my fingers into a machine. How cold is it here today? So cold that I had to give the woman a baggie containing my snapped-off fingers when she asked for my hand.

It's very hard to type with with no fingers.

I was very impressed with this machine: I had a hazy vision of walking around all day with my fingers stained purple "voting for the first time EVER in Iraq" style, but instead she just slapped them on the machine which took an electric picture and loaded it right into the computer. It took, literally, two minutes. Five, if you count the time needed for Horatio Caine to take off his sunglasses, make a pithy retort and Roger Daltry to scream the intro to "CSI Miami."

God I miss CSI Miami. Dream job: steady hours, dog, home in time to see CSI Miami.

Speaking of dream job. We have a new person at Job A, and I am trying to be happy that we found a new non-idiotic person for this role, but at the same time I'm a little cranky that the place is willing to hire a completely new person and give her more hours when, hello!, I'm right there. Also, ruffled a little because I've been asked to train her how to close. Do not seem to recall THAT being in my job description. Grrr. Trying not to jump in and say "let me do it!" while she fumbled through her first close put fifteen extra minutes on my timecard, but mah patience, it is thin.

The happy news for today is I found a new winter coat--exactly what I was looking for. I actually bought one at LB, went to Sears to try find a scarf/hat/mittens, found a coat I liked better, bought it, and took the other one back to LB, thoroughly confusing my manager. But I like the Sears one better. I always say myself as more of a button-up peacoat than a zip-up furry hoodie, though it was fun to pretend for a half hour.


Laura said...

Glad they fired idiotic person even though I'm usually not in favor of people losing their jobs around Christmas. If someone doesn't like cats but can't think of something more supportive to say to a potential cat owner they are definately lacking in the social graces needed to work at this fine establishment.

Peace Corps should get a machine like that. I had to get fingerprinted for my interview which involved rolling my fingers in the ink and rolling them accross the paper just like when I was in kindgergarten and my mom took me down to the police station.
Messy yes, but my interviewer said that was the best (nicely rolled) set of prints he'd ever seen!

Premiere girl said...

I miss Horatio too!!!!God, SCI Miami is the best!!!